It’s all about the team.

Longford’s program success is largely attributed to our core personnel and dedicated team.We pride ourselves on building clientcentric relationships, ensuring our high standard of service.


James Rogers - President & CEO, Geoscientist

James has worked in the Junior Exploration Sector since 2007 conducting field work and managing exploration projects in Rwanda, British Columbia and Yukon. A diverse multi-faceted background in helicopter field maintenance and general contracting supplement James’ technical geoscience skills. A work ethic dedicated to performance, professionalism and detail coupled with these skills ensures projects are completed efficiently, reliably, affordably and safely.


Ryan Versloot - Project Geologist

Ryan brings a broad range of skills to the team gained from 13 years of mineral exploration experience with a more recent focus on the Yukon. His hobby as a drone pilot adds technical and promotional value to all properties he visits. He attended the University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia and is registered as a Geoscientist In Training in British Columbia.


Matt Krukowski - Project Geologist, BSc

Matt is an exploration geologist with experience in large and small-scale mineral exploration across North America, specializing in geological mapping and the design of exploration projects. He has a passion for field mapping that he developed while working with multiple major players in the Yukon including Victoria Gold, Ryan Gold and Archer Cathro (Barrick Gold/ATAC Gold). Matt is a seasoned fieldworker capable of critical thinking and problem solving, who enjoys being part of a professional team. Mr. Krukowski graduated with a BSc from Simon Fraser University in 2012.


Trent Potts - Project Geologist, BSc

Trent has worked extensively across Australia, Peru and Canada. During this time he has been involved in a number of projects at various stages of development. He has worked with Au, Cu, Ag, Ni, Co, Fe, Mn and Gr throughout a variety of mineralisation styles and terrains (most notably Cu-porphries and orogenic Au). Most recently, he has been managing the Lac Gueret drilling project - an advanced graphite project in Quebec. This project is awaiting a PEA expected to be released mid 2019.


Vedran Pobric - Geologist & GIS Specialist, MSc

Vedran joined the Longford team at the beginning of 2018. After completing his undergraduate degree in Geology at the University of Florida, he went on to obtain a master’s degree from the University of British Columbia in 2017. While at UBC, he completed his research at the Diamond Exploration Laboratory on the topic of diamondiferous eclogite xenoliths from the Chidliak kimberlite. Vedran is highly skilled in the office, providing excellent around-the-clock support to our field crews and clientele. His expertise includes advanced GIS and 3D modelling, in addition to managing Longford’s comprehensive database. 


Sarah Ryan - Geologist, BSc., B.B.S

Sarah joined the Longford team in May 2018 as an exploration geologist and consultant. She has been involved in projects across Canada, offering exploration services related to field mapping, geochemical sampling and drilling. Sarah has conducted field work in BC, the Yukon, Quebec and Newfoundland, and has experience with data analysis, technical report writing and claims management.

Sarah has a BSc. Honours degree in Earth Sciences from Memorial University of Newfoundland and previously obtained a Bachelor of Business degree from the Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland. Additionally, Sarah is bilingual and works on project documentation, reports and communications in both French and English.


Paul Leach - Geologist, BSc (Hons)

Paul graduated in 2017 from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) completing his post-graduate Honours degree in Applied Geology. After working as the project geologist on an advanced Manganese deposit in Botswana, in addition to serving as a research analyst for Burgundy Mining Advisors, Paul joined the Longford team midway through 2018. Paul is a creative, high-performing individual with a great capacity for learning and self-development.